Day to Day
2001-07-28 14:35:29 (UTC)


. . . that is the mood this morning. I can't believe I
work at 9 on a Saturday, : ( . . . I really don't mind
because it is raining today so nothing is probably going
on. I got my paycheck today, $261.46. Nice, nice.
But whatever . . . tonight should be fun, we are going back
to the fair. It is nice having a change of people every
once in a while, though Kris and Kristina could get old
REAL quick. Kris won't ever smoke, so she doesn't
understand that when u want to smoke and you have smoke
then you are going to smoke. She's all like "can't you do
it tomorrow?", no Kris, it does not work that way. Me and
Kristina were dying! So she finally is ready to drop me off
and I leave my lighter in her car, I guess I just wasn't
meant to smoke last night. Whatever. I am so happy I have
money again!!! Being broke sucks!!!
I wonder why Jeff called. Dave said they went to B and
Craig's but ended up coming home early. That is strange
especially on a Friday night but whatever. I keep having
these crazy ass dreams, and they all suck because Brandon
is in them. I don't know why I keep having them but they
are all basically the same, some place with a bunch of ppl
but it is alwayz somewhere different. Like last night, we
were at a school play or something and I run out of the
building and am sitting on this bench and he comes up
behind me and is all trying to talk to me about everything
that's happened and how sorry he is, then I collapsed. It's
actually kinda funny, I mean I must have collapsed from
shock at the things he was saying or something, like whoa
now it's your turn to apologize asshole. HaHa.