driven by a strange desire
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2002-09-28 13:20:30 (UTC)

mom birthday

well larry's car is totalled. evidently one of those big
rigs carrying cars on the back took a left in front of him
instead of yielding to oncoming traffic. it's a miracle he
wasn't killed. but he's very upset about his car being
gone. i told him to sue the company.
then at 2 am this morning we received a phone call from
donnie saying his mom had died. so larry went out to the
trailer to try to help comfort him. and we're supposed to
go see him today.
meanwhile, it's my mom's 52nd birthday and we're going out
to a morning buffet. which i shall spend all day working
off i'm sure. damn family celebrations. but i shall have
to pick up her card and present and give them to her
tomorrow as dad has showed a sudden thoughtful and
romantic side and is taking her to see 'mama mia' in atl

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