down in my eyes
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2002-09-28 12:45:43 (UTC)

he thinks so, too.

I look at her, 'n I wonder... How is she ever so
lucky to have someone as wonderful as him?

Anyway, I just remembered two BIG, unimportant things.
But, i better explain 'em, before i forget, again.

After I got to the venue, I found a parking spot.
As i was walking around the corner, a car sped thru the
alleyway, behind the glasshouse. He was literally two
seconds off, from running me over, I swear it. But
before i could even digest what happened, 'n decide
whether to be upset or not, the driver smiled
at me, as if he was apologizing,.. then he sped around
the corner, out of sight. His window was sorta tinted
tho, so i couldn't really see who it was. So i kinda
shrugged things off.

Minutes later, while i was standing in line, a man 'n
woman came down the line, collecting tickets, 'n puttin
on wristbands. As the man was putting a wristband
around me, he looked at me with furrowed brows.

him: "Hey,.. I'm the one that almost ran you over..."
me: (I looked at him, suprised.) "It was YOU??!"
him: "Ya... Sorry about that,..."
me: "Hey, I hope you know, that if you woulda killed
me, that I would sue you...-"
him: "Ya.. I hope you would-"

Later on during the show, I had bought some merchandise,
'n went out to put 'em in my car.
Before going back inside tho, I had to flash the door
guards my wristband. 'N that man was standing next to
the door. Knowing that he would recognize me, I
sarcastically flashed him my wristband, 'n said,
"I'm still alive, man."
He smiled. "I'm glad you are."

Later on, after my first crowd surfing round, we spotted
each other, Again. He was standing at the side of the
stage. Pointing 'n smiling at me, he said something, I
couldn't really hear. But, i thought it sounded like he said,
"You Rock!" Woaah. He thinks so, too??
..Maybe he was proud that he'd almost killed someone
who crowd surfs. Don't be proud of Me, though.
THANK you, Jessica. Thank you, OJ. 'N Thank you, Gernez.
Without the 3 of them,.. I never would have experienced the One
& only thing i find, that unconditionally, truly makes me happy.

Oh ya, I have TWO wristbands on, right now.
The second person (woman) giving them out, wasn't paying

So.. ya... I have two.

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