What Nourishes, Also Destroys
2001-07-28 13:11:55 (UTC)

Woa Its a Whole New World Now....

Im not trying to jack the theme from that cartoon, Alladin?
whatever. Well its been a while and i cant talk long
because i gots to go to work but hey, guess i better give
some sort of update not that anyone cares lol.
Jen and I are together, have been for a month, and im
leaving tomarrow morning to go see her for a week. Im
pumped. I failed my drivers test. THat sucked big time.
Ummm.....I work a hella lot. ack. I have no life. I chill
with friends usually after or before work. So yea. Well,
gotta fly guys bet ya'll will miss me!! LMAO