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2002-09-28 11:00:24 (UTC)

Rock your face.

Sugar Ray played at the Pomona Fair, taday.
Dammit, i couldn't go see Mark,.. I love him.
Iguess, atleast i did get to see my other fave band, tho.

Yes, yes. I was at my Never Heard Of It show, earlier
taday, 'n i got back a few hours ago. My ears are
still ringing... But yes,.. it was awesome.
Tho I was by myself AGAIN, it's okay, i guess. 'Cos
Never Heard Of It.. Rocks my socks.

I was really suprised it wasn't too crowded, being that
NHOI 'n UP SYNDROME were headlining.
While I was waiting in line, I made *friends* with the 2
girls behind me. I don't remember their names, anymore,
but they're 2 really rad chicks. The Blonde one's
sister, once had JEFF as a substitute teacher, at her
school, in West Covina. & i later found out that the
Brunette one is cousins of the DRUMMER of UP SYNDROME.
ROCK. They told me that they wanted me to be next to 'em
during the show, since I was by myself, anyway. We ended
up getting really great spots, up at the very front,
below the center of the stage. It was pretty damn awesome, too.
'N I pretty much stayed by their side, till all of the
opening bands finished.

We had a pretty damn awesome view, from our spots.
THE WILLKNOTTS played first, then SENSES FAIL, then
Name Taken,.. UP SYNDROME, 'n finally, NHOI.

The Willknotts rock. Senses Fail, is the newest
Drive-Thru Records band. Certain songs of theirs, kinda
reminded me of the sound of Finch. The lead singer
seemed sort of psycho at times tho,... throwing the mic
around, jumping off stage,... (which rocked tho, since
he wound up next to me), jumping back on stage,.. 'N
being that he performed the last half, of their final
song, lying on the stage, rolling around.

While one of the opening bands were playing, I saw JEFF
(the guitarist, from NHOI) chillen at the side of the
stage. He spotted ME TOO, 'n waved 'n smiled at me. =)
Yay. He was standing next to a lady who seemed like his
girlfriend. She's blonde, she's decent looking. If Jeff
wanted to, tho, I Know he could date someone alot
more attractive.
But, i dunno. Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.
Anyway, later on, i spotted JOHNNY, (the bassist of NHOI)
watching the opening bands from the side of the stage, too.
He spotted me, Too, 'n waved. I stuck my tounge
out, 'n flashed him the heavy metal sign, & he laughed.
Awww. They STILL remember me, even tho I haven't seen
any of those boys,.. since... April.
It made me feel really special,.. Especially since
my two new "friends" looked over at me afterwards, as if
saying, "THEY know YOU?!?"
Yes, they do. Aww... Yay.

Oh, 'n since my camera was having flash problems, (the
flash just completely wouldn't work at ALL), we
exchanged phone numbers, 'n they told me they'd mail me
copies, from the pictures They took. Cool.

Blah, blah,.. so even tho I had a great spot where we
were standing,... soon after the first crowd surfer
broke the ice, I lost my patience, 'N pushed my way to
the back. Name Taken finished, then during the break, I
went out 'n bought myself some band merchandise. An
aquaintance from high school, was one of the merchandise
sellers, for NHOI. She ended up hookin' me up, & saved
me a good, few dollars. yay.
As I was walking out to put my items in my car, I saw
JEFF exiting, too. Of course, as usual, he was
surrounded by girls, goo ing 'n drooling over him.
I was hesitant, but tapped him anyway. Jeff turned 'n
said "Hey!" 'n we hugged, 'n talked for a minute.
Awww, he's the cutest.

I got back inside just in time- before Up Syndrome
started playing. I pushed my way, 'N tapped the tallest
person I spotted, 'n UP & away, I went. HELL yes, it
was AWESOME. Although the crowd was small, they were a
GREAT crowd surfing crowd. I forgot to count, but I
think I went up, 4 or 5 times, till the end of the show.
I dunno.
Anyway, Up Syndrome kicked butt. Never Heard Of It,
Kicked Ass. So,.. They played. They RULED.
DJ announced that their music video is on their website
now. Awesome. 'N they even played my absolute favorite
song, "The Escape."

After the show, i had the WillKnotts sign my ticketstub,
'N took pictures with them. I figured it was worth the
try, even though my flash wasn't working.
I took a picture with the Chris, (the Lead) of Up Syndrome,
too. He had his own camera with him, too, that i saw
him occasionally taking pictures of fans, with.
Since my camera didn't seem to be working, he took one
of us with HIS camera, 'n he told me he'd try to get his
pictures up, on his bands' site, but, if not, to just
email him, 'n then he'd send me a copy of the picture.
Yay, me.

Oh, 'n I also asked him to sign the back of a NHOI 'n
Up Syndrome flyer, I conveniently had, lyen in my purse.
He wrote...:


['n then his signature, here.]

Awww. He's pretty damn cute. Love the mohawk, too.

I know there's alot more details I'm missing, but I
can't really think right now. It IS 3:30am, tho.
I'll update later, on the things I've forgotten,.. If I
suddenly remember them. Right now,... I'm.. too tired.

'N I've written Much... too MUCH.

Do i Really rOCK?

"Nothing... NOTHING's gonna ever change.
NOTHING. Nothing's gonna ever change..."

-Up Syndrome

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