A Princess
2001-07-28 12:51:52 (UTC)

Day 14

Yo!!!Let me tell ya what happened yesterday. We were all
going to town emma and me got a lift off her friend and at
2pm we were meeting, matt,james,kate n liz. Get there and
they arent there, fone them and they r in mcdonalds. They
"dont know" what happened to meeting us. I get mad put fone
down,hehe we go shoppingggggggggg :) Later on I decide to
ring them, muhahahaha so I do.They r on their way to my fav
shop (topshop) so are we, I say lets meet up. On our way
round there we notice them outside a real nasty cheap shop.
HELLO! Hey...liz walks out shop sees us walks back in. we
follow her (I was carried kicking and screaming ;) she was
tlaking to someone in the dressing room...who is it...who is
it, kate n liz were ignoring us, wanna know why? It was sue.
GRRR I turned round walked out, asked matt is sue was with
em and he was like uh...yeah so I said lata and we walked.
GRRRRR They r so nasty I cant believe them, liz didnt even
speak to me GRRRR. BUT THEN we forgot about them and we had
so much fun,lol. I bought a hula hoop and we decided to go
into this nearby park and try it out. So we got there and we
started doing it and emma so cant do it,lol, but I could
muhahahaha anyway we had all these people staring at us, and
these scary guysand a dane bowers lookalike. These 2 guys on
bikes kept circling us, ahhh scary,hehe anyway we decided
to meet my dad and get a ride home. So we walked to this
church where he was gonna pick us up. On our way we figured
it would be fun to pretend to be american and act like we
were having a massive arguement,hehehe got a lotta people
looking! When we got to the church we just sat on the wall
and it happens to be on a roundabout,muhahahaha...THESE GUY
DRIVERS! OMG I cant take emma anywhere shes soooooooo
amazingly pretty adn she gets all the cars beeping but she
pretends not to notice, but I stare at the guyz to see what
they do, and their tongues are literally out their mouths!
HAHA she gets so embarassed, awwww she just shouldnt be so
hot! All the women give her dirty looks though...Supposed to
be going out wiv her today but she never rang back...nm IM
GOING SHOPPING LATER!!! Wha hey, love my shopping :) :) :)
Well not much else to say except its been 2 weeks since i
saw my baby!!! Scary, anywayz better go for now!
Love ya'z

P.S Charlotte won survivor and Brian won bigbrother!!! WHA
HEY, even though helen shoudlve won bigbrother shes too
funny..."I love blinkin I do." "Is there chicken in chick
peas?" "Giraffe begins with J doesnt it?" "That magician
jack daniels..." hehe aw gotta luv her :)