~PhAT wArz~
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2002-09-28 09:53:15 (UTC)

Time After Time

Or is it, Week after week? Who the fuck knows. What I do
know is, I hate food but I love it! This is my
obsession.It's all I think about and I'm sick of it!

If I only had the courage to push through.

I'm in love with the same guy I was in love with 28 years
ago. We are soulmates and he knows it too...I think! But I
can't have him and I have to accept that! When he stops
what he's doing and stares at me with a big beautiful smile
on his most glorious face, I see it. He has some kind of
feelings for me. Friends don't stare at each other, not
like that. he has C and I have G. All I ever wanted was D
but I will die an old lady who spend her current life time
being in love with her best friend and not being able to
share my life with him cause of the choices I've made.

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