Drama Queen

Penny 4 your thoughts......
2001-07-28 10:33:32 (UTC)


I spoke to her the other day for like 2 hrs. She told me
some stuff that really hurt. For instance she said that he
told her that I wasn't attractive to him anymore since the
baby. I have stretch marks and I've gained about 20lbs. He
also told her that the only reason why he's with me is cuz
of the baby. She also said that he said that if I were to
kick him out then he would go to her. Now how the hell does
that sound? When i confronted him with all of this of
course he denied it. And then I said "if she's lying why
would you want a friend like that?" And he didn't even
believe me when I said she said those things. Those things
were supposed to have been said in confidence. And then she just kept
saying be careful with him. I don't really know what she was trying
to get at but she was beating around the bush. She said nothing has
ever happened between them. She also told me that when we were at her
house and he was ironing clothes a song came on and he was looking at
her during the song. Like he wasnted the song to happen or something.
I don't know. So, then I told him if he wants for this relationship
to work then end his friendship with her and I told him to call her
while I was sitting right there. And he did but she didn't pick up.
So, I went jogging after that and when i get back a couple
hours later she calls and says she got a message from him
saying "this relationship is over. it's messing up things
at home..blah blah blah". And I specifically told him I
wanted him to wait until I got home. So, then he spoke to
her and told her the same shit. After they got off the
phone I felt so sick like something wasn't right. Will I
ever be able to trust him? Should I ever trust him again?
we're on this probation period now. If things don't change
before he leaves for bootcamp then it's over! And I think
I'll be hurt but I think I'll be fine with it. I don't need
my baby growing up in a fucked up household.

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