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My Affairs with MARRIED WOMEN
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2002-09-28 07:58:52 (UTC)

Secret Affairs with Married Women Section 1 Part K

Well I have been rather busy with work and had to put in a
lot of overtime this week and haven't had much time to
make any entries. Holly as moved in and seems to be rather
a very happy young college girl. All her fuck buddies keep
coming over to see her and told them they to find someone
else. I get home the apartment is nice and clean, food
ready and she greets me in a baby doll see thru nightie,
of course nothing on under it! It is a good thing Holly
moved in from down stairs. Yesterday morning after a most
wonderful wake-up fuck I get out of bed go pee-pee and as
I get in the dining room area water squirts up between my
toes. Even the carpet is horny! Actually during the night
while snuggled and cuddled to my baby the fucking hot
water heater exploded!

Holly comes to see what happen and said, Robert, really
you should pee in the bathroom and not on the carpet. I
call the apartment Manager and inform her beautiful young
hot ass (Damn I want to fuck her silly) the hot water
heater exploded and I am flooded. I then see that I have
to move all my stereo and video equipment which took me a
day to set up. So I called into work and told them I won't
be in due to an emergency at my apartment. Boss calls back
and said I can't take the day off because we are short
handed! I told him well you shouldn't have fired everyone!
Besides there is no way I am leaving my apartment wide
open for frek and frat and the buddies who no speak
english to roam around my apartment with $5000 worth of
computer equipment, $3,000 worth of firearms and $2,500
worth of stereo equipment. Besides boss I have enough
overtime to take the day off and still have 8 hours
overtime for the week! Plus no way was I leaving Holly,
she might get raped!

Holly went down to her apartment and her ceiling fell in
from the water. The maintance guys arrived and they start
cleaning thing up as I start moving all my stereo stuff.
Holly is prancing around in her see thru serving me coffee!
One of the maintance guys ask her if she is living with me
now, he use to be one of her buddies Holly said yes. Now
picture this. For a coffee table I have the top of a
dinning room table retangle sitting on a two foot end
table. With sofas on each side and two lounge chairs at
each end. At one end I have my lap top and printer with a
USB cable going thru the TV cable outlet into the the
first bedroom hooked up to a USB terminal connecting my
100 Giga Hardrive, CD writer, Cable Modem, Fax machine,
and scanner!

All my stereo and VCR's DVD anf TV in on the two sofas. My
cat, Precious was not in a good mood! You know about cats
and water. Her feed bowl is floating and she just sits on
the sofa looking at it Meowing! They make even a bigger
mess as the bottom of the Hot water heater nasty, rusty
gross looking falls out on the carpet as they try to
remove it. I try not to get mad, but rent is due and my
apartment, my romantic love nest is a complete mess!
Holly'apartment is worst! Ruined her $900 dining room
table which the Apartment will have to replaced. They put
in a new water heater and then the carpet people arrive,
Not one speaks and english just mexican, which really
ain't too bad! At least they ain't speaking arabic! I tell
Holly to go put some clohes on but she is enjoying the
looks she is getting and occasionally bends over for them!

They pull up the carpet and remove the foam pad which is
like a big sponge! As one guy attempts to quickly take it
outside Holly bends over to pick up a tape from the flood.
The guy looking at her butt, her crack, and tail end of
her pussy trips and falls down the stairs. I yell "Hey you
got to watch that first step it's a winner. Holly looks at
me all innocent like with a halo over her sweet head and
ask, "I do that?" They had to take the guy to the hospital
or INS. They sucked up all the water and we had to let the
carpet dry out before I could put back my stereo stuff.

Noon time everbody is gone and I am feeling a bit horny.
Some good pussy sure would hit the spot. So I grab Holly
and trip on back to the Love chamber and get down to some
rock'in sex. Holly is oohs and ahs moaning and groanin as
she cums in her orgasms I am pounding away slambanging her
but not hard making her cum. As we are sexually enjoying
each other's body the Maintance guys and the Manager up in
and up to see the damage. Bedroom door wide open!

The Manager is a extreamly cute, beautiful, thing that is
so adornable you want to just hug the hell out of as you
strip her clothes off! She is 20 or 21. I am rasied up
giving hell to Holly's pussy slambanging her with my cock
which is making her scream out in pleasure. We have no
idea we are being watched. Finally I get a nut and
collaspe on Holly as my cock spews, spurts and squirts in
her. Finished cumming in her I roll off still hard and
their is Gail the Manager in the Hall with her mouth open.
I then yell "Next!" Holly scrambles under the bedsheets!
Gail the Manager says, "Damn your big!" Holly yells out
from under the covers, "Yep and it is all mine! Hand s
off!" I put on my robe and ask what they are doing in my
apartment, and that they all under Texas law could be
legally shot!

Gail said This is my apartment I can come in anytime I
want. I said no, not while I am paying rent you can't! So
she saw all the damage and then reminded me rent is due on
friday, actually the 1st. Gail bent over and was picking
at something on the carpet with her fingernail and asked
what it was. I calmly said, "Looks like Cat shit to me! It
wasn't but she didn't know that as she jumped back about
three feet yelling OOh!

Then they all left and I locked and bolted the door! The
place is still and Mess and Karen will be here tomorrow! I
am almost wishing she wouldn't. I hate for a lad to see my
apartment when it is messed up. Anyway that is what is
happening more later