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2002-09-28 07:56:31 (UTC)

dumb guy...dumb conversation

so, i was talking to bill online. he acts weird sometimes.
this was our conversation...heh, he's a dork.

Tiffany: whats up?
boysetsfire: so when are we gonna make some sweet lovin?
Tiffany: heh, youre a dork
boysetsfire: im serious
boysetsfire: babe
Tiffany: heh, then youre an even bigger dork
boysetsfire: ouch
boysetsfire: cuz you think im ugly
Tiffany: no
boysetsfire: yeah
Tiffany: if that was a serious question...what did you
think the serious answer was going to be?
Tiffany: no that isnt why
boysetsfire: haha
boysetsfire: ok
boysetsfire: well we should
Tiffany: ok, im convinced
Tiffany: j/k
boysetsfire: haha
boysetsfire: coool
a little while later....
nything interesting to say either
boysetsfire: so just come over and gimme a smooch
Tiffany: heh, no
boysetsfire: dang
Tiffany: why do you keep saying things like that
boysetsfire: why not
boysetsfire: cuz im trying to get you to kiss me
Tiffany: why
boysetsfire: because
boysetsfire: i want to
boysetsfire: and you want to
Tiffany: no i dont
boysetsfire: yeah ya do
Tiffany: heh, no i dont
boysetsfire: ok
Tiffany: if i wanted to dont you think i would say yes?
boysetsfire: yeah
Tiffany: i think you are just bored so youre being silly
boysetsfire: no im not
boysetsfire: i try and get you to when im not bored
Tiffany: k, then i guess youre just strange
boysetsfire: guess so
Tiffany: damn bored and my mind is totally blank
boysetsfire: i told ya what you should do
Tiffany: yes, yes, i know...i should walk to your house(an
in the rain) and kiss you
boysetsfire: yup
boysetsfire: at least meet me half way
boysetsfire: and kiss in the rain
Tiffany: dude its not even raining anymore
boysetsfire: ohhh
boysetsfire: dang
Tiffany: and thats dumb anyway
boysetsfire: haha
boysetsfire: ok
Tiffany: if you could be doing anything right now what
would you be doing?
boysetsfire: kissing you
Tiffany: ha, shut up...seriously,
boysetsfire: i am
boysetsfire: right now thats what i want
Tiffany: thats sad
boysetsfire: why?
Tiffany: cuz, you could pick anything in the world...and
you say that
boysetsfire: yup
Tiffany: there are so many better things you could be doing
boysetsfire315: nope

ok, wellthat was our conversation, i took out the middle of
it, it was just about some bands and stuff...

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