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2002-09-28 07:50:37 (UTC)

Trade It All

Dear Diary,
IM Writtin On Here Cause It Was A Big Nite!We Beat Our
Rival SOUTH GARLAND Tonite 56-17 And I Tough It Was Gonna
Be A Great Nite Being With My Gurl And All But Things Didnt
Go As Planned!Godddd I Dont Know....I Wanted To See Her
Sooooo Bad And I DOnt Know Whats Going Throuh My Mind Rite
Now Cause IM Fallin For Her Sooooo Bad!Ive Changed IM Not
Down To Playin Those Lil Games No More! I Want Her And Only
Her Kisses,For Her To Be In My Arms And Toughts. Theres Not
A Day That Goes By That I Dont Think Bout Her Or Look At
Her Pic And Say i Miss Her And Glad To be With her.Im
Missing Her Rite Now And I Want To See Her Soo Bad!Im
Afraid Of Losing her Especially Cause I Think She Thinks Im
Too Sweet And I Know Im Too Jelous. I want To Make It Last
With Her Cause Shes My Joy And Happiness. This Feelings I
Can't Explain Nor Express Are Driving Me Crazy And I Just
Dont Know What To Tell Her Or Do. I Dont Know Whats Going
Over Me.I Just Know Ill GIve Or Trade It All For This
Chick!Shes Like Sweet,Cute,Adorable,Goegeous,Loving,Grunpy
In A Good Way Etc........Shes My Babe!!!

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