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2002-09-28 07:41:48 (UTC)

Away from Home

I have been here for slightly more than kinda like this
type of peaceful and simple life. My job aren't tat
routine and I love it.

Travelling is very inconvenience as I need to drive, I
can't drive and is bad to trouble people always. Sunday I
am going to take my license and is kinda phobia cos I
fai;ed back home before and I dun like it. It seems I
cannot take failure and I am very scare to fail again and
many many of them told me is an easy test, this adds to my
stress....Oh Buddha, pls bless me to pass my driving this
sunday and have my license

Strange dunno why, I have been missing Jes and
Piggy......dunno why and on certain nite, I dream of them