Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-07-28 10:14:12 (UTC)

ME whinning,so dont waste your time!!

I havent writtem much as of late, My world and thoughts
are consumed by bizness every waking hour. Ive pretty much
aranged everything aroud my work at this point which I know
is a bad thing but I cant really help it I wanna see this
place work and my thoughts are filled non stop with making
this work. I seriously thinking about walking in monday and
just infroming every one that I now run the show that
theyve had there shot to make this work and are incompitiant
they lack the basic skills of problem solving and common
sence and there done. Its really sick and ways to much apon
me that such a beautiful place is being destroyed by idiots.
Anyways theres my bitching and it wont be for much
longer cause if no body else is going to step up and make
things happen which I wish they would cause I really wanna
stay a straight a student and dont really have time to make
both things happen ahhh well such is life.
I should have just gone to girlys and slept there mainly
just for some distraction some warm and comforting arms
around me.
I havent thought about love in some time now which is
scarry cuase it show Im way to involved in this work madness
I havent stopped to look at the stars except when gettting
home at 4am on the walk from my truck to the door.
I dont really know whats going on with me.
Going to hawaii in a couple weeks havent spoke with anyone
or written anyletters to the boys which is kinda getting me
down miss my lovly one Girly I wish we were tighter than we
are and that this was our world and we walked it together
instead of phone calls now and then but ahhh such is life..

OK fuck that ahhh such is life bullshit cause its what I
make it I know just know Im working on it....
with love and respect