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2002-09-28 07:24:00 (UTC)


i don't honestly think anything could be more perfect. i
had to work 3 - 9:15, and that in itself was splendid, yes
splendid... i got 4 more dollars, that makes me happy...
that and i knew i'd get to see bo tonight... that makes
me realy happy... absolutely elated! ok... yes, cheesie to
the max... it's just... so great...

see... we were all at adam's house and they wanted me
to go get my dilldoe, for fun... that being my only alone
time, i got bo to come with... we didn't really talk about
much... until we got back... it was heated... outside of
adam's house... sitting in the van, i finally began to tell
her what i've kept from her. it went something like this:
she was complaining that her folks aren't
understanding, so i said, at least your folks know... i am
so lucky she caught on, i thought my heart beat must
have been audible! ... so she asked if i was bi, and i
said that i think i am... then, later in conversation, i
asked why she thought i was in denial, she said it was
because i denied it when lauren brought it up... i didn't
want her to know... the whole katie thing which we have
decided not to ever discuss... so, i told her straight out,
that i don't care if people know, i just don't want it to
become a public issue... i want to be a person to them,
not just a bisexual. i don't think she understood

lauren told me bo got the wrong idea, and that i really
needed to tell her how i feel about her. so, it finally
happened... not as i had hoped and planned.. online
isn't always the most personal, but i fessed up... it went
like this... hold your opinions on how lame it is,

LostMySheep (12:40 AM): im such a loser
LonlyButtrfli (12:40 AM): nah
LostMySheep (12:40 AM): thanks, but i really am
LonlyButtrfli (12:41 AM): i don't think so... if my opinion
matters here
LostMySheep (12:41 AM): yeah, it does, although i've
already made up my mind, so nothing is going to
change it
LonlyButtrfli (12:42 AM): ok... you shouldn't think such
foolish things, though... why don't you like you, i like you
LostMySheep (12:43 AM): i don't hate myself...... i don't
love myself.....
LostMySheep (12:43 AM): you likeme?
LonlyButtrfli (12:43 AM): ... yeah...
LostMySheep (12:43 AM): really?
LonlyButtrfli (12:44 AM): yeah
LostMySheep (12:44 AM): i like you too
LonlyButtrfli (12:44 AM): well... that's good... but how so?
LostMySheep (12:44 AM): umm.....
LostMySheep (12:44 AM): more than a best friend....
LonlyButtrfli (12:45 AM): yay!
LostMySheep (12:45 AM): what about you?
LonlyButtrfli (12:45 AM): you already know the answer to
that one... of course... i'm crushing hard, darling
LostMySheep (12:46 AM): well why don't you do
something about that crushing....

gosh, now, that wasn't supposed to be that hard... i feel
so... free... apparently we are dating now, special
thanks to lep, silly me i mean, leR, and my big bro... i
think i can take it here on out... thanks!

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