worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2002-09-28 05:43:33 (UTC)

The cell

i am alone in the cell. i never hear or see another
person, only words flashed across a screen or a digital
voice commanding me. A loud ear-piercing beep from above
tells me i am about to be given orders. i assume the wait
position - standing spread eagle with my mouth wide open.
i learned long ago to obey the inanimate cell or be
punished with sleep deprivation and starvation.
The digital voice orders me onto all fours. i obey. This
position could mean many things. i may be permitted to eat
from a dog bowl, i may be paddled by an electronic arm
wielding a paddle, or i may be raped by one of many
dildoes. This time, it is the latter. A huge rubber dildo
attached to a metal rod emerges from one the walls, aimed
for my ass. i know it is foolish to resist. If i do, more
electronic, metal arms will only come from the walls to
hold me still and punish me further. The electronic cock
begins ramming into my asshole over and over again while i
try desperately not to move from the position. Eventually,
the cock is satisfied and disappears into the wall from
whence it came. i am permitted to do as i please then.
Shortly, the beep sounds again and i re-enter the wait
position. Words appear on the screen in front of me - "Moo
loudly like a cow until told to stop." i begin mooing.
Minutes pass. A cattle prod emerges unseen behind me and
shocks my ass. More words appear before me - "louder." i
begin mooing louder and still the cattle prod shocks my ass
every so often as a reminder. i do not know how much time
has passed before the word "stop" appears before me.
This is my life in the cell. Being order and tortured by
the walls around me. The torture is endless. Even as i
sleep i am awoken by another didlo raping my pussy without
warning. i know not to touch the metal rod controlling it
or i will be shocked painfully. i must lie there and
accept the mechanical rape. Another wall opens above me
and more metal rods come down with pinchers on the end
aimed for my tits. My tits are groped, pinched, and
twisted as i lie still and cry alone in my empty cell.
Sometimes i am ordered to abuse myself. A cane may be
placed in front of me and i am ordered to beat the tops of
my thighs while the digital voices commands me to do it
harder and harder. i do not know if there is a real person
behind the cell or not. Maybe someone is watching me,
maybe the cell is run by a program and no one knows of my
suffering. My torments are endless and without
explanation. i am never told why my body is shocked in the
middle of the night with a sharp electric current. i am
never told why the machine has me stand in a corner for
hours while playing back the sounds of my own screaming and
crying for me to listen to. Or why the electric hands use
black marker to write degrading names on my flesh, only to
be washed off by forceful jets of ice-cold water. One day,
a metal hand pulled my tongue out from my mouth and held
onto it for countless hours. i could not move at all
because the metal grasp gave no leave. i was kneeling
awkwardly, painfully, and drooling, with no one to beg for
mercy. Often the metal hands have lifted off the ground by
my wrists and ankles, leaving my dangling high above the
ground, hoping not to fall. No area of my body has been
left untouched by the mechanical beast or unbruised. i
have been yanked to my feet by a hook in my nose. Pulled
to the ground by a grip on my nipples. Kicked repeated in
the ass by a boot worn by no one. Tickled, raped, beaten,
burned, freezed, humiliated, exhausted, deprived, punished
and all by no one. Often i have tried to pleasure myself.
Sometimes i am allowed to orgasm, but usually the always
watching stops me and punishes me for trying. My wrists
will be held behind my back while by cunt is electrically
shocked. Or sometimes i am given a riding crop and told to
whip my own cunt until i am screaming. Even when i am
allowed to reach orgasm, i am punished after.

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