random stuff
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2002-09-28 04:15:24 (UTC)

first entry

Ok, so I've never done one of these online things before. I
thought I'd try it as an alternative to my writing which
doesn't seem to be doing much good other than giving me
stuff that someday people will tell me to publish but I
can't see myself ever thinking of publishing that stuff
(can we say *post-teen angst*?)

I was going to use as several of my friends
are on there, but I found out that they wanted some money,
and well - that's just something I dont' have a lot of
these days.

Training this fall/summer reminded/ taught me that I need
to actually put into words the emotions I feel rather than
simply write parallels. Maybe this will give me an outlet.
I think I'll make it more or less public and see if anyone
actually reads the wackiness that I write (that is if I can
remember to write in this thing). When I was young, I could
never keep a diary or journal for an extended period of
time so at least this way, I won't have to worry about
those stupid dated pages being left blank when i just dont'
feel like writing stuff.

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