ooooo diary
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2001-07-28 07:25:28 (UTC)

kristin convinced me to get a diary

wwhoaaa this is soooo coool. (no really)
uhhhh geoff slept over last night. then uhhhhh. we went to
the mall with julie mina (hey thats almost minka) marsha
devan coy and ryan. i dunno. it wasnt really fun. i never
hang out with devan coy or ryan, they arent really my
friends. yea so we just hung around for hours. Bob(i
changed his name) (some dude in high school) was there. he
was drunk off of vodka, which he had in a water bottle).
anyways he stole girls gone wild from the video store. then
he stole some porn magazine from the book store. i still
cant understand how u can steal a magazine when the cashier
is 10 feet away from u while drunk. this guy is a genius.
anyways that was pretty much my day.

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