I am a goddess
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2001-07-28 07:13:52 (UTC)

I am never drinking again!

Well everything comes out in the wash as they say. As soon
as you introduce alcohol into any social situation you can
be sure that somehting will happen and it did. For about 3
weeks now one of my friends aimee has been having a sort of
love affair with this guy paul, my friend ailsa liked him
and this caused friction between the group. Then i realised
that i liked hima couple of days ago, when we were
flirting with each other. Then last nite i got drunk and i
gabbed him and asked him to come outside for a chat. We
were chating about his relationship with aimee and stuff
and then i remembered that i was told that someone heard
that he liked me, so me being drunk (i always get more
forward when pissed) asked him if this was true, he said
yes i told him that i did like him and would he get tapped
with me. Obviously he agreed. But the thing is tht Aimee
cant know what happened, it was especially ahrd trying to
get a good night kiss as Aimee wouldn't leave me alone. In
the end we ended up having a quick kiss when she went to
toilet. I don't like ahving to keep a secret from her but i
think i'm going to have to.