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2002-09-28 01:51:58 (UTC)

pretty girl

ah i dunno....i found my way back to here....not much is
goin on....i'm goin bowling tomorrow with orchestra...i've
made a new friend and grown closer with another. my new
friend is really cute and has great taste in music. we are
like music buddies. and my friend i've grown closer with is
pretty. i was friend with her older sis and now she is in
virginia at college, and now i've met her younger sister
and i'm friends with her too. we wanted to go to this
lesbian pride festival in the heights, she told her mom
about it. i dunno. i don't think we'll have a ride. haha.
she hugs me and she's nice and stuff...i'm wondering if she
is interested in girls for girlfriends. she could not like
girls and still go the festival and hug me...i know she
likes guys...maybe she is bi like me...she is just so
pretty. i love her eyes...when she wears her gun-metal gray
eyeliner and smudges it, it really shows off her eyes and i
can't help but stare into them...they are the colour of
dark chocolate and they are so deep....and her long black
hair is so pretty. it's soft and shiny and slightly frizzy.
her lips are so pretty too...ah, i could go on and on. she
sits with me on the bus home most the time. today i proped
my legs up on adam and bunny, and i layed down on jennifer
and she put her arm around my shoulder. it was so nice.

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