this incarnation
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2001-07-28 05:48:43 (UTC)

the charged go down

my mind is still charged
and my body still tingly
from the energy flow of spell work
i feel as if with each one i grow a little more
spiritually mentally emotionally
and yes even psyically
it probably wont help my spelling
if i plan on wrighting a book some day
i should probably pick up a dictionary
i have so much inside of me
so much i want to wright about
but i feel i need to finish college
attain degrees back my talk up
my thoughts on paper graded
and i pay for this
so much that i want to share
Im learining its best to listen first
as much as i can
there is so much out there i dont know about
i want to know
thru listening reading experiencing living
everyday is something new
school is but a fraction of the nessasary life lessons

it just hit me---Ive been up since 7---and just like that
-Im ready to go down

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