Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2001-07-28 05:45:06 (UTC)


Current music: M.I.A. by the Foo Fighters
Current mood: Tangled in everyone else's headwires...what
can I say I've been listening to music all day b/c there
was no one to talk to.

So everyone, I'm home at last!! Finally I can get
away from my damn family. I love them, but sharing a room
with them is drawing the line. Especially when I get the
crappy bed, which I always do!!!!! AHHHH!
Anyway, I'm sunburned so bad from the day at the
Frio. I loved the river trip even though the river was so
low. I had to practically drag myself across everything,
but that's only b/c I'm too lazy to get out of my tube. I
think I walked like 4 times in 5 hours. I was just
thinking, whatev, I have to get there sometime huh!!!!
Schlitterbahn was the best of all though, of course.
Hot lifeguards, food, hot lifeguards, lots of swimming...oh
and did I mention hot lifeguards? Hehe..the funniest part
was that my top came off right in from of the hottest one
of them all..and he was nice too! Curt *sigh*. God it was
sad though, I was like ooooh nooo..Daddy, tie me!! We had
a moment.
Being there and looking bad in a bathing suit made me
want to start swimming competitively more than ever. Me
and Mccall were talking about it a little tonight. I need
to do SOMETHING at school, hopefully next year will be
better, in relation to activities. Mac is doing sooo good
at her summer meets, so I gotta catch up before she makes
me look bad! ( :0) J/K girl!!)
So for anyone who wants an update on my situation with
the guy..we're just kinda "just here" again. I brought him
a popsicle when he was working on Sunday and it was really
cute...then he came over for a while b/c he knew I was
leaving and we talked. Then when he left, he picked me up
and swung me around, then smacked my butt. I didn't know
he could do that. The little brother saw the whole thing,
it was quite traumatic. Now the bro won't leave me
alone.. "He's your boyfriend..he's your boyfriend!!" *sigh*
kids... But the sad thing is, I know he loves Noemi..or
something's up. He asked her out. Thankfully she turned
him down. I love you girl, thanks for always taking my
side!!! I know Mimi would never do anything to hurt me on
purpose, especially not over a guy. So it's almost like
being back at square 1. I don't know how he could just
forget about me so him, I guess I'm just not
attractive, not wonderful, just something in me is
missing. I never thought of myself as particularly
repulsive, but who knows? We all grow up sometime, maybe
he'll get the hint someday. I hope he figures his feelings
out, but don't count on me to wait around if he doesn't
want me.
Enough physcoanalyzing, this tired vacation hottie
better get to bed. as always ~mandy