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2002-09-28 00:29:27 (UTC)

Baking and John Does Some Errands

I baked an apple pie from apples from our orchard this
morning. I also washed the cannisters I bought yesterday at
the OSU folk club and put them on the kitchen counter. They
are cream colored with dark brown lids. Very plain.

I am frustrated because I can't find my sewing scissors. I
thought they were on my desk but I cleaned off my desk
yesterday and didn't find them. I'll keep looking. I hate
losing my scissors.

John went to Corvallis this afternoon. He'd bought a
shelving system and set up what he thought Gavin would want
and brought it to him. He also built a shelf extender for
his monitor. Owen was visiting with Gavin when he showed up
so he saw both of them and also met Gavin's roommate.
Jessica was going to be spending some time with him later
this afternoon. While he was gone I took a nap as I was up
early again this morning.

The weather is beautiful. This is what I like best. Clear
but not too warm.