The many thoughts of Ann
2001-07-28 05:30:05 (UTC)

more thoughts

Well my second one in a day
i just feel like writing
i dont think anyone has any clue how much i miss jeff. he
was so great so perfect.....so me! i need this guy i mean i
am sure i think that about every guy i fall for but this
one seemed different, i mean he felt me up!!! and normally
i wouldn;t be comfortable with anyone doing that to me but
with jeff i had no problem i still cant get over thaT!!!
well i went to the gym today and worked out. it has been
awhile but my dad said that if i went today and tomorrow
then he would quit smokin so of course i went. lets just
hope he keeps his part of the deal. i hate it when he
smokes it is so gross so i'll do anything to get him to
stop. man i miss jeff. i wish i had some more guy friends
closer to home someone to talk to right now. but no. all
the guys i know near here all suck ass. well they do.
sigh.......... i dont know.. life just seems so much better
with guys around i mean lol u can flirt with friends and
flirtin is what i love to do but when there is no one to
flirt with it kinda sucks big time. all i want is a
friend!!! why cant i even have that, i mean i dont want a
boyfriend cuz i am not over jeff yet and i dont want to
throw myself into a relationship until i am over the last
one cuz that just screws u up alot. so ya man i could just
keep writin and writing but then i think i kinda do want
ppl to read these and get info and most ppl dont want to
read the really long entrys lol well at least i know i
dont. aw well my last 2 entrys have been kinda long too so
why stop now , no one is probally reading this anyway so
whats to worry and if they are i bet i am boring the hell
out of them with my problems aw well. i will stop now and
write later
love u