The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-07-28 05:14:19 (UTC)


WEll today i cried. i got into a stupid fight with my dad
about going out somewhere and i broke down and cried. i
went down to my room and cried. i felt so stupid but it
felt good to cry. then when i thought i was done i thought
about jeff and just couldn;t stop cryin. i thought, if only
i was back at camp then i wouldn;t have to put up with my
dad and his rules i would just be having fun without my
parents gettin in the way. i could just hang with a bunch
of really cool ppl and have tonz of fun. but no i have to
be home and follow the rules again. i hate rules. and i was
thinkin. i used to have so many guy friends and at camp i
had about 15 close friends and about 12 of them were guys.
but now at home i asked myself. Ann who is ur best guy
friend. and i couldn;t answer it. that cant be good. it
made me mad. i mean there are no good guys even for friends
let alone dating at my school and if we dont get some new
guys this year i dont know wut i am gonna do. i need guys
lol i mean i love them so much and alot of them make such
good friends. just none in canada i guess. i mean i have a
ton of american guy friends but i only see them once or
twice a year so that doesn;t help much. man this sux. i
hope i meet some cool guy friends soon or i am gonna go
man i miss jeff and everyone so much, i mean i thought a 2
week fling would work but it is not. i need this guy i
think i am inlove. he was just so perfect everything was
right ... except for the fact that he lives sooo far away :
( aw well
i'll write again

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