Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-09-27 23:30:48 (UTC)

Bitching parents

So for the past week i'm barely passing Honors math, and
it's soo hard. i never thought i would do good in this
class in the first place, not to mention the teachers the
biggest bitch ive seen yet. but wtvr, so anyway i'm doing
bad in this class so my teacher calls my parets to say
basically how stupid i am and shit so my parents are
yelling at me 4 an houre, and i mean really yelling. i hate
it when my dad yelles at me, it seems as i get older he
gets more mean. i mean when i was really litle he was the
nicest guy in the world, but now he's almost alwyas yelling
at me for something. he's alwayts in sucha bad mood. i
dunno what to do, becuase i really cant take getting yelled
at. and theres this dude that keeps stalking me, he's 19
yrs old and he's like obsessive aboyut me, i'm 13!!! omg,
he's sucha freak and it's really scarring me, but i can
prob get him to buy me ciggaretts, so i dunno. i'll use him
4 a while, maybe i'll even get some weed outta him, ya
never kno, i jus dont wanna go by myself becuase i'm scared
he'll like try to rape me or something. i'll get a friend
to come along, well i'm out, peace! By the way cory is
waaay awsome!