Day to Day
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2001-07-28 05:11:15 (UTC)

He called : )

yep, Jeff called me tonight. I'm happy, I guess, I mean I
didn't really talk to him. He called at like 1115 and I
called back at around 1230. Dave ended up calling me and he
said that Jeff crashed early. Figures. This is getting out
of hand.
Newayz, I just got back from the fair with Kristi and
Kristina. It was actually a nice change, and it was fun
having a girls night. Even though my mind was else where
*jeff* all night, but whatever. My mom is up the street at
the bar, things should be getting interesting soon, she is
crazy when she is drunk. Not a bad crazy, a more she needed
it and it is humorous to me. HAHA. Well I'm bout to go
crash and dream about, probably of all things, Jeff. J/K