the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-09-27 21:27:01 (UTC)

Feeling extremely helpless

I know I haven't written in a really long time, but I guess
I just need an outlet. I just signed on AIM, and one of my
best friends IMed me, asking me to call her, that it was an
emergency. Right away, I called her, and she picked up the
phone crying. She had just gotten back from the hospital
for the second time in two days, and they'd given her a CAT-
scan, and she made an appointment to have an MRi and
everything, but they gave her this medication, and she took
it, but its side effect is that she can't remember
anything. She couldn't remember my name, so I told her, and
she said she remembered my voice, and my screenname was
under "Best Friends," so she knew I must know some stuff
about her. She told me that she couldn't remember her
brother's name, or her boyfriend's name, and she barely
remembered that her mom was, her mom.
For about ten minutes we sat on the phone, she was crying
hysterically and kept asking me things like, what was my
name, what's her boyfriend's name, how long have they been
going out, how did we meet, how did they meet, everything
like that. She remembered NOTHING other than my voice.
Before we talk anymore, her mom came upstairs and told her
to lay down. She asked me to call her later tonight.
I'm just so worried about her.
Today during lunch -- around 1:00 -- I started getting this
really bad feeling about her. I asked her when she had been
given the pill and she told me that it was at around 12:30
but the effects didn't kick in until about 20 minutes
later. It kind of freaked me out when she told me (rather,
she asked her mom, her mom told her, she told me, but you
get the point).

I just feel so helpless right now. It's like, the person I
used to talk to every day, who I used to joke around with
and stuff, is barely there. I'm close to tears myself,
because I'm just so worried for her.