bongo player at heart

one day ill be a bongo player
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2001-01-21 19:57:44 (UTC)

well hi again. I didn t write..

well hi again. I didn't write yesterday. I'm sure thats a
good thing for you. Yesterday me and Leanne went on a walk
to Rachels, and I took her little wiener dog on a walk
cause it's so cute. Leanne mad jokes because the dog kept
urinating on its little shirt. And I started laughing and
dropped the leash, it went flying around the dogs feet and
kinda hog tied it. It was really really funny, but you
would have had to been there. I went to my parents
friend's party thing, and got a lecture from Brad on under
age drinking, apparently under age drinkers aren't aloud to
be picky. I can't help it, Budwiser is nasty, coors is way
better. Today I got my mom to take me shopping, I got so
new pants, and you care I'm sure. I really wanted to die
my hair pink, but I'm trying to get a job, so I decieded to
wait. well, there's more on my extremely boring life,
maybe my science teacher will crack tomorrow and poison the
school food, then I'll have something to write about.
Until later....