Poni Tales
2001-07-28 04:32:32 (UTC)

Welcome to my new diary/journal.

Hello. I always feel really weird and "girly" if I use the
word Diary. That and well, face it- Diary's VERY similar
to "Diarrhea", so I'm sticking with the word Journal. That
or maybe "captain's log", ROFL.

In the next while, I'm going to be uploading or
copying/pasting journal entries from my OTHER journal to
THIS one, so that's why there will be a thousand entries
all on the same date. My other journal is supported by
livejournal.com, and although I love them, I'm scared that
their servers are shaky. Sometimes I can get to my entries,
sometimes (usually) I can't. No hard feelin's, but I do
want my stuff where I can get to it easy:-)

Nice to meet y'all, and hope you don't get bored from
reading about crazy me and my crazy ponies!