driven by a strange desire
2002-09-27 21:03:47 (UTC)

i see stars

today's horoscope said:
You'll feel fried by Friday!This is a day to be honest about your
housing situation. Someone close to you has a misunderstanding of
who you are based on where you live. It's time to take them
beyond the superficial.
you're not kidding about the fried part. i still have had no sleep
since i waited up all morning to make sure tim/nissa had tori
tickets. which i got them seats in the orch. so i feel vindicated.
but i talked to krissy about what mom/dad said about money and
windows of opportunity etc and she was amazed at how much
money they had loaned out to st. also. when i think that
half that money could solve all my monetary problems but i
won't be given the chance because i'm written off it's very
frustrating. may i point out tori didn't "make it" til she
was what..28? whatever. we'll see.
defragged the puter so it's running better which is nice. and i've
financed everything out to where i should be able to still
pay everything off in full and get rent in on time and cover the car
tag/insurance. thinking of going to apply for a second delivery job
in the am while b&n is sifting
through apps. i need more income, esp. since lauren's hours were just
well they're cutting my tree down. bastards. they got woodchips in my
eye when i was walking in the door.
here's your moment of zen:
"a midget redhead on acid" - eric rosse on describing tori's