The Story of Me
2001-07-28 04:21:02 (UTC)

Another day, another night.

Men suck. But hey, what's new? My brothers saw Nate today,
so my theory about him completely dropping off the face of
the earth is no longer valid. Any why did everyone feel the
need to throw the fact that they saw him in my face? I hate
that. As soon as they got home, my mom says to me "did your
brothers tell you who they saw at the skate park?" So one
of them regrettfully informs me. I just kind of sank. You
probably know what I mean. But the ever fake smile is
plastered on my face and I ask "did you talk to him?" while
I'm thinking the whole time "that lousy son of a bitch." I
wish that one of them would have had the nerve to tell him
off for me...stick up for their sister. But I guess we
don't have that type of bond. My brother used the excuse
that he doesn't talk to people that rollerblade. Oh the
world of skaters. Gotta love it.

So Nate is never home, and never online, so my fury is just
building and building. He is not going to be a happy boy
when I finally get ahold of him. I'll most likely yell and
scream and cry and make him feel guilty. Damn men suck.

Other than that, things are alright. Erika and I are
talking again. Which is always a good thing. We've had our
fair share of fights, but everything always works out in
the end. I'm lucky to have such an understanding friend. We
have a friendship that's lasted since 4th grade. Our bond
is pretty solid. That's good. I even got her to agree to go
to the track with me tomorrow. Alright!! someone to keep me
company after I die from

Well, I probably won't write any more tonight. I'm chatting
on Instant Messenger right now, although not having the
most intense conversation. It's actually quite lacking. Oh
well. I'll go for now.

Goodnight and God bless :)