Personally Me
2001-07-28 04:09:20 (UTC)

good day

Today was really fun, i went over to katies and hiba and
anna and alex came. HIba's really funny! i like her a lot!
anna can be kinda abnoxious but she is really funny! alex
is tight and so is katie. today alex and i made up the
rest of a dance to 'its rainin men', it was really fun!!!
then we went walking up to the park and i was riding alex's
bike and i like did something to fall off and alex like
first walks over and checks his bike before me but i wasn't
hurt! it was pretty funny!! katie just got back from sweden
and denmark for her soccer team! i missed her a lot! there
wasn't a lot for me to do with her not in the country!! i
love katie a lot. she got me a belly chain! i like her
pants better tho but thats ok i like the chain a lot!! she
got alex this realy funny shirt that says sweden is great
and then has two mooses doing it!! it fits him really
well!! today was a good day! i don't think that anyone has
made me laugh as hard as alex did!! he was making fun of me
saying how like i try to hurt him but i don't!! its really
fun you have to see it i guess!! yeah well i guess thats
all!! i'm out! good night