2002-09-27 18:57:13 (UTC)

Told Josh about Brent

IamTheFink: who is brent?
CandiCat314: that's wonderful
CandiCat314: Brent is the guy I'm dating
IamTheFink: duh
IamTheFink: details?
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: he's a sophomore, like me. he's from
Greenwich. His parents are divorced, so he thinks my family
is the Brady Bunch. He's a criminal justice major. He is a
reformed pot head and he loves philosophy
IamTheFink: reformed pot-head
IamTheFink: that is tooo funny
CandiCat314: last year he smoked a lot. This summer he
stopped smoking so much
CandiCat314: now he bearly ever smokes, especially becuase
of me
CandiCat314: he knows I'm not down with that
CandiCat314: but at the same time knows I wouldn't hold it
against him
IamTheFink: how long have you guys been seeing each other?
CandiCat314: only like 2 weeks
CandiCat314: but it's nice
IamTheFink: thats excellent
IamTheFink: i'm already jealous of him
CandiCat314: lol
IamTheFink: no joke...he's a lucky guy
CandiCat314: thanks
IamTheFink: but you don't need me to tell you that
CandiCat314: it's always nice to hear. And you always know
when and how to say it, so thank you
IamTheFink: but of course

IamTheFink: you know...after this little chat...i forgot how much fun
you are