Katie & Kora

Kinky Chronicles
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2002-09-27 18:33:12 (UTC)

The Dance

Well, Last night was the first dance of the year. I drank
for it. Jenn and I spilt a 2/6 of Vanilla Twist Smirnoff.
It was okay but I think I had too many shots of it. When we
got to the dance everyone was already starting to dance. So
Jenn and I grabbed someone and danced. In the beginning I
danced alot and then near the end my friend and I jsut sat
out and watched everyone else and talked to Matt(one of the
people supervising). One of the last few times I danced I
hooked up with Cam, but I shouldnt have. Just because I
dont like him that much and yeah I think it was just me
being drunk and just wanting to hook up with someone. We
didnt even really hookup. It was just a few kisses. My
friend Katie told me after that she had hooked up with him
right before and I felt really bad because I didnt know.
When I asked her if she liked him she said she didnt know.
Sooo...OPPS. Oh well she isnt mad so thats good.
Earlier on that night I called Kora up on to stage because
I was worried about her. But she walked away from me and
didnt talk to me for the rest of the night. I was going to
tell her about Cam because I was upset. But too late she
had walked away from me. So I guess I will see sometime
this weekend if she will talk to me. But I think Im going
to go.


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