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2002-09-27 18:30:04 (UTC)

I met this great person

Well i have been talking to this guy on the internet and he
is the sweetest guy, of course he doesn't think that he is
but maybe me telling him that he is he will beleive me. He
is funny and he makes me laugh all the time. He finally
called me on the phone from canada, ohh man when i first
picked up the phone i wasn't sure who it was. then he
called me back and i was so happy when i hear his voice. i
am very talented, in case no one knew that. we are actually
talking right now on the phone. i wish i could see him, one
of these days i will fly up there and see him :). i give a
big smile on that. anyway, we have a lot in common and i
hope something goes further that what it is now, i really
hope so :)

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