[email protected]
2001-07-28 03:31:10 (UTC)

I'll take 50/50 reig..

I am standing strong in this storm as he spews words at me
and then I begin to realize..' my property really that
important to suffer thru this over?...' I am scared. Two
men in my life want to brand me. They want me to be thiers,
and yet I want to be my own. Already they are getting
posessive..scary to realize. I just attract that kind of
man I guess....I signed up for school..YEAH! I am sick of
scraping by and then swearing that I will go to school
someday soon...the sooner I get to school the sooner I will
be making more and spoiling my family like I want to.
Time heals all...I know that now. Trust me. P.S., thankyou
to angel.