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2002-09-27 17:23:31 (UTC)

well, my past few days, have..

well, my past few days, have been spent in bed,, b/c i have
been sick
Unfortunately, I heard that one of my friends friend's, who
is also like my little sister, has been sent to Children's
psych ward. It raelly isn't her fault, and i am not upset.
Rather i am a little surprised, that's all. She has been
doing very well and seemed to be alright. I suppose not all
is how it seems. the other thing that i am a little upset
about is that she didn't want me to find out. she has told
me just about everything and i try to help her. we are
supposed to be all close and shit but she didn't want me to
find out. I really hope my dear Sabrina doesn;t think i am
going to judge her. because that is the last thing in the
owrld i would do.
maybe whoever reading this is a little lost, allow me to
back up and explain some things! Well for me it all started
when i was about thirteen. My grandparents had just died
and i tried killing myself several times, on top of many
other things i was doing (i.e. drugs, etc)so i then got sent
to this place called a residential treatment center
(basically a girl interrupted place)and stayed there for
about a year and three months. Well wehn you leave u can't
simply have your old life back, that would be a little too
easy. So u go to an alternative school, it isn't only 4
people that have gotten out of these thypes of place, it is
for people who have missed a lot of school, and need a more
structured environment, as well as for emotional porblems.
This school is called Frsot. This is where i met sabrina,
that is why i said i understand what she is going through.
i would do anything for this child, she is my heart...i wish
i could just take all her pain away, and make her better but
i can't do that, and that kills me.
I actually left frost my tenth grade yr, then i went to
cathelic school (now isn't that a joke...all the fucked up
kids go there which is kinda funny) and from there i went to
trinity college and that is where i am currently at. so
people can move on.
But in Sabrina's case, she has had a lot of shit to deal w/,
and that really sucks.
i wish she could move on but it harder said than done.
well, i hope the few of you who actually read this
understand it, i can go all aroung sometimes.
bye now
please prey 4 'Brina

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