2001-01-21 19:36:34 (UTC)

Yo Diary, Hi my name is faith..

Yo Diary,

Hi my name is faith IM 17 years old im not going to sit up
here and tell you my whole life story but I will tell you
how i ended up with the problems that face day to day.And
how recently things have been happening to me at the start
of the school year.OK since about sept 2,2000 my birthday i
started smoking weed alot but that wasent my fist time
smoking but it was the firt time i got caughtdoing it
anyway in september i so called myself having sex with my
boyfriend ty but we never had full intercourse we do stuff
but never have sex and i wouldnt call what we did in sept
sex because he didnt stick it in all the way but he did
stick it in enough for me to know that I could of been
pregnant but i had the feeling that i wasent i knew that i
wasent but i was still scared because i really didnt know
for sure and i was scared cause i didnt know how i was
going to find out because i didnt have any money and i dont
want a baby and i really dont want a baby by him because he
has to mant problems for me anyway during the rest of
october i was smoking weed alot and i didnt care and thats
when everybody started being in my busines and was asking
me why do i smoke so much and everybody found out that i
might be pregnant and i was so mad cause they where asking
me so many questions and was in my business so i was still
smoking weed and didnt care because im grown this is my
body and my life and i can do whatever i want so in october
maybe like tht last two weeks i dont know what day but i
can remember the day like it was yesterday when i went to
the clinic it was me my best friend star and melissa and we
went to the clinic on the avenue and sat for about 2 1/2
hours and i took my pregnancy test and found out taht i
wasent pregnant so i told star and melissa when we left out
but the fucked up thing that i did that i shouldnt of was i
told melissa my plans to lie and take ty's money anyway and
say it was for an abortion but bitches are slick and i
shouldnt of told nobody but star so that day i smoked some
more to celebrate well i started with
star,melissa,tiffany,cat and shaday that was another
mistake i shouldn't of did because shaday is a girl that i
herd messed with my boyfriend but i didnt know if it was
true and iwas hanging with that bitch anyway well when it
was me star,melissa and tiffany we was sitting on my porch
and i was talking to them and that was some stupid shit too
well two or four days befoe nov 5,2000 melissa tiffany and
star smoked some weed and had fun but on nov 5,after that
day everything was really diffrent that was the day my
friend star got jumped by two girls.Well im tired of this so this is
to be continued.

but always remember to keep the FAITH

huges and kisses