Meshed Up
2002-09-27 14:43:00 (UTC)


had an exorcism performed today on me. weird eh? some
people actually think i have a third eye of some sort.
hmmm. others just scoffed really.

can't stop thinking about death. my friend's dying. she was
sent back from another country, the doctors exclaiming that
it was a hopeless case.

a doctor friend also said that there was no hope. that it
was pointless to make her suffer even more. that it was
better to let her go.

i don't know how i'll be able to cope, knowing that my days
in this world are numbered...

had a dream about death. don't even wanna talk about it.
just opened my eyes and realized i was safe at home,
sweating from the heat and maybe from the fear.

got two cuts right now. don't know how i got them. i saw
the first cut happen although until now i don't know how i
got it. i felt pain, saw the skin split open, and saw blood
ooze out. don't know how i got it. my sis saw it too.

second cut? well.. i don't know. just saw it one day.

feeling sleepy...night to y'all.

updates on bernadette.. hmmm nelson confronted her. but i'm
not satisfed for some reason. she didn't show any remorse.
she basically said that she was entitled to her own honest

well here's my honest opinion of you bernadette: you're a
fucking bitch.