2001-07-28 02:33:08 (UTC)


You'd think by my age you wouldn't need a diary, but
then again why not. As I'm sure is the case with many
there are just too many ideas running amok in my head
that I cannot share with the people I normally rely on.
The basic rundown is that I have been in a
relationship for a few years and now I may branch it off
in two. My current relationship has never defined itself
as closed, but never as open either. It has always been
left open. The question, not the relationship.

So here I am. On the edge of making a great discovery
or a great mistake. Or maybe nothing at all will happen.
And their my friend is the what. This is the ongoing tale
of me and Cosmo (sorry mom about the grammer, but I
wanted "me" first in that sentence, and it's my diary). It's
a story of two people who are going to hook-up, but
seem to be just beyond hooking up. Or maybe never
hooking up. You see it's on going and you can come