KoRn4293's Mind
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2002-09-27 08:56:16 (UTC)

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Okay so i dont even know if im gonna keep this thing but im
gonna have a go at it for the sheer fun of it. Erm im
unsure of what to write in here, but untill i get the um
jist of it its gonna be 1 hell of a damn boring diary to
read, Erm, well im kinda suppose to be doing graphics work
now but ive kinda got side tracked, but not as bad as rob
who is sat next to me looking at the sickest shit ever like
men who have there heads up womens pussys! ewww! An now im
reading some article on erm how to run someone over and....
get away with it! what??? who'd wanna do that? well...
gonna go get on,