No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-07-28 01:39:54 (UTC)


hey! i'm back finally! it is so great to be home....i
missed it so much. I missed my phone, internet, NoN plastic
pillows, a house thats still in one peice and my pets. I
also missed my guys still rawk!!!! me and
jess had a great time...she spent a lot of time with daniel
which made us get apart and we couldnt really spend time
together but thats ok...i was glad to give my time for her
and daniel. some guys tried to get us drunk and high to
rape us and they followed us....every whistle and thing
they said was come back with our words kicking them in the
nuts! we were great! i get road runner tomorrow...i was
suppose to get it 2 weeks ago but the dumb time warner
people went to the wrong house....i'm telling you people
are so dumb. we almost got killed today because of a
careless was weird! i got the Sum 41 and
Drowning Pool Cd's today...i am re-dying my hair cuz it
turned a funny light brown in the sun! I was sooo mad! it
was dumb as crap! well, i really dont have much to say. my
dad is moving to pennsylvania.....guess him and LeeAnn
didnt work out...what can i say fat hairdresser bit*h. I
keep this clean for my sis! I love you trika!!!! hey Will!
hi all my matts! love you guys! hey're great too!