Diary of an American Witch
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2002-09-27 06:30:22 (UTC)

No one else will listen, so here I am

Do you know what it is like, everyday, to see people you
are friends with, people you love and admire, and know that
if they knew your secret, if they knew your religion, they
would turn their backs on you, hate you forever, and want
to kill you?
Mevermind that you have been a good friend, a good person,
a good citizen. They would leave in fear, and return in
hate, no longer seeing you as human, but as a demon, and a
servent of all things evil. Do you know what it is like to
be persecuted?

I do.

In this country, where Christianity is king, we feel the
pain and frustration of living in a land that would rather
hate, than understand. We cry, because we know if they
would only take the time to see us with their hearts, not
their closed minds, if they would only see for themselves,
instead of repeating, and clinging to what others have told
them, then they would see us for who we really are. A
good, wise, and peaceful people.

Well, it is time for someone to stand up. To put to bed
hundreds of years of lies, rumor, fears, and hatered. To
stop the poisoning of the American mind.
It IS time.
And I think that person shall be me.

Hi. My name is Kinarra. Im 22, I wear glasses, I have
scars from a severe acne problem in highschool, Im horribly
bad at math, and I too, believe that all the good men are
either gay, or taken.

Do I sound evil yet? No? Well, let me go on...

I enjoy old school jazz, my passion is writing, I have a
boyfriend, who I am always fighting with, and right now I
work for Americorps, a national service program.
Wait for it.....

I live with my parents after suffering through two failed
engagements in two different states, I rarely drink, but
smoke like a tire fire, and have truly no idea whatsoever
about what Im going to do with my life.

Oh, and yes, Im Wiccian.

Go ahead, get angry, write me hate mail, tell yourself that
Im crazy, and a sinner, and Im just fooling myself thinking
that magical forces exist on this earth. Believe me, I
have heard it all. Everything from people screaming bible
quotes in my face, to people brandishing crosses, expecting
me to hiss and run away, oh, and then there was that one
time I got hit in the face with a bible. No kidding. I
turned the other cheek, and he hit me on that side too. I
can laugh about it now. Of course, at the time it wasn't

Let me guess the immage you have in your mind right now.
You are seeing a girl with long hair, dyed black, dressed
in black, black finger nail polish, black lip stick, pale,
with big black boots right? Well, Im sorry, that's not
me. Im blonde, and I don't wear makeup. I do have a black
shirt on if that makes you feel any better, but that is
because I had to wear a dress shirt and slacks to work

Ok, Im being bitter, but I get a lot of that. When people
hear that Im a Wiccian, they automatically expect me to
look like I walked right out of a Marylin Manson viedo. Go

Part of the reason Im doing this is to get it across to
people that Wiccians, and Celtic Pagans in general, are
just regular people. We have families, dreams, goals,
hopes, and fears. We struggle through life just like
everyone else. We have crabby co workers, trouble finding
Mr. or Ms. Right, relationship problems, difficulties
making ends meet, ect. Just like every other person on
this planet.

We don't bite the heads off kittens, or cook children, or
any of that nonsence. I personally, can't even stand the
sight of FAKE blood. Ew ew ew ew.

Wiccia, and most Celtic Pagan religions, have a
polytheistic belief system, in which the two major dieties
are the Lord, and the Lady. In most, The Lady, the
Goddess, plays the biggest role. I won't go to deep into
the whole thing, if you would like to read up on it, there
are some excellent writers out there who can explain it a
whole hell of a lot better than I could. D.J. Conway, is
one, I usually reccomend Conway's book, Celtic Magic to
anyone looking to get some beginner knowledge, or a deeper
understanding into the whole thing. Where was I going with
this?.........Oh yeah! The Lady.

The Lady is our Goddess. She embodies the earth, and the
mysterious forces of nature. The Lady has three forms,
Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The maiden aspect represents
innocence, and purity,and joy, in a nutshell, the Mother,
Kindness, love, compassion, and all sorts of motherly love
kinds of things, and the Crone, wisdom, death, and rebirth.
That is a very simple version, mind you, and Im sure as
time goes on, Ill end up going into more detail, but for
right now, I just wanted to go into that a little to show
you that our major Supreme being has absolutely nothing to
do with evil.

In fact, and this might surprise you, we don't HAVE
a "devil". There is no ultimate personifaction of evil in
Celtic Paganism. Mankind creates its own evil. Meaning,
that we cause bad things to happen to us by doing bad
things to other people. We have a thing called the three
fold rule. Anything we do, good OR bad, comes back to us
three times better or worse. And that is why we don't, and
I mean DO NOT cast "curses" or "love spells" because we
know, besides the fact that that is just fundamentally
WRONG, whatever harm we do to another person is just going
to come back on us way worse that we sent it out.

The mark or a TRUE Celtic Pagan, and not just a "nancy"
(and I'll get into what Nancy means later, let's just say
for now, it's someone that does not truly believe in the
religion, but is just power tripping) is that they are
unusually kind, considerate, and compassionate.

Anyone who claims to be a Wiccian, and then talks about
casting a curse on someone who has pissed them off is just
a Nancy, and although I would't worry about them, I would
however, worry for them, they are in for a long life of
pain and misery, and will have no one to blame for it but

Is your head spinning yet? I know, Im starting out in the
deep end of things, and we'll go back, but not tonight. Im
sleepy, I have to work tomorrow, and I still have to do my
yoga before I go to bed.

Well, good night.

Happy Thinking.