down in my eyes
2002-09-27 06:26:11 (UTC)

every piece, of me.

Before it shatters, I wish I could tell him how much I miss him.

But, I can't.

I had an entry on this particular page, that took me Forever to write.
I poured my entire heart out... But it's gone, now.
I had it left on for a day, but i felt really... weird.. that that entry which
contained all my emotions, was left in the public eye. so i erased it.
It's not as if anyone, or atleast, many people read this, anyway.

Don't worry,... you didn't miss too much. I only.... poured my heart out..

"I'm throwing away these Letters To You,
'Cos they will never do. I will never do..."

-Dashboard Confessional

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