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2002-09-27 05:46:35 (UTC)

Fire tnder--Storm Insude

It became our shroud. The cloak that designed our
inside self. We saw black even though it was daylight. And we
saw yellow even thoough it was evening. The partial pieces
of our personality was only emphasizesd by sparks of
flame. Reflections of souls created by
the embeers of the logs of a campfire. And so goes the fire
temders duties. He who only knows how high each faze should
grow befor blowing it out with one final blow. To watch the
spears of flame knaw into a dog on a stick before saying
too high or too hot.

It is much the way a storm chaser can dig into a
fallen limb , or a sports anouncer know with precision who
should get that tackle...... nature of the game, or the beast,
He who learns will often be the one who listens best and
he who listens best has that third ear that will with a
silent beat know the question of the heart and the silence
of the eye.