The mediocrity that is me
2002-09-27 05:27:17 (UTC)

Feeling a little more loved.

kyroscope2002: don't feel empty, Cara.

Auto response from fallenstr6: I'm thinking about studying.

kyroscope2002: *fills you up with a pitcher of grape
kyroscope2002: *hugs you*
kyroscope2002: *swings you around*
kyroscope2002: *puts you down before you get sick to your
kyroscope2002: have a good night, my dear.
kyroscope2002: You are beautiful. (And I'm not talking
physically because I have never seen a picture of
you...although I'm sure you're that too.)
kyroscope2002 signed off at 10:04:41 PM.

foxygirl522: if i havent told you in a while, you are an amazing
person and and amazing friend. truly beautiful inside and out

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