The Story of Me
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2001-07-28 00:27:45 (UTC)

Life's Simple Pleasures...

Today was pretty normal. Last night I was thinking about
not going running today seeing as how I've been in so much
pain lately, but when I got up this morning, I actually
felt good. I still ached, but I wasn't falling to the
ground. So improvement has been made. And I had my first
milestone today...running 3/4 of a mile straight. Three
laps around the track without stopping. I have never done
that before. It felt good, of course this means that I have
to do that all the time, and I'm not sure if I can. Maybe
I'll be managing a mile in a couple of weeks. And hopefully
I won't hurt anymore.

Do you know how good a nice hot shower feels after a good
workout? It's so water on aching muscles.
Pure heaven right there...better than chocolate...better
than sex. Okay, so maybe not as good as chocolate...haha.

I guess a little ritual has begun. After we get done
running, there is this water fountain by the track...and
the water sprays about 15 feet high, so if you aren't
careful you end up taking a shower. So...after we have all
run our laps for the day, I get a drink because I am
usually parched. Bob then proceeds to take a shower in the
water fountain, then he fills up his water bottle and dumps
it on my head. I'm usually a good sport about the whole
thing. I usually just ask him to wait until I take my hair
down, which he never does. But I got completely soaked
today. My entire ass was wet, it didn't look too good. But
then he threw his keys at me and told me to drive, so I had
a great time setting my wet ass in the drivers seat...haha.
And resting my soaking wet hair on the headrest. Serves him

But it's all in good fun. And it's the only real time that
I get to spend with Bob because he works so damn much. So I
enjoy it...even when I am soaking wet.

That's about the extent of my day. Nothing else really
happened. Not feeling too well, my stomach is rebelling
against something that I ate earlier I suppose. Well, it's
about that time where I take my daily 8:30, I
know...what's wrong with me? Something tires me out...maybe
the sun or the exercise or something.

More later...maybe.

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