Dear God Shoot ME!
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2001-07-27 23:10:22 (UTC)


Oh my god, I never thought i would get to see such bad
lieing in all my life. A few days ago, Heather sent me an
email saying that she didnt even know about the emails for
ellie, but then just before that Amanda said that all
heather did was laugh at them. Well if she didnt know about
them how could she laugh? so I wrote back saying exactly
that. Then i saw them at the mall and heather said why did
you say that i laughed at them? They started to say that
amanda didnt say that...and that i was lieing...Fuck they
piss me off when they do that. Oh Get this i was really
really bored that night, so I crashed at amandas she
started talking about how she still loved her ex boyfriend
Matt Court, who had just send her a letter saying that he
wished they could be friends. She has a boyfriend named
Dylan, and she is going after someone else...again. And
Dylans friend just died in a car accident and she is
pulling that?! What a self centered little bitch. But yeah
i just wanted to inform everyone about the depths of her
shallowness. I pray that a piano falls on her.