2001-01-21 18:39:36 (UTC)

it is sunday, o what a gloomy..

it is sunday, o what a gloomy sunday. the sounds of the
world playing in the background... as the sun fills the air
and i see the beauty of the world. o what a gloomy sunday
because i am in the house. let me run in the grass, walk in
the basking sun. the hours are slowing going..and the
shadows are enjoying themseleves more than i. i have
pushed away the sorrow that is following me and i am happy
i feel the joy of knowing in my blood. it is a beautiful
sunday.. as monday will roll across and it will be a gloomy
day as i suspend my happiness into the air. i'll bless
thee with my soul as i walk along the streets of life... i
am awake and aware and full of happiness. it is not a
gloomy sunday after all.