listen to my silences
2002-09-27 02:00:12 (UTC)

there's a difference

there's a difference between hiding things from people and
keeping them to myself. believe it or not i don't care.
the only time i have ever hidden anything from anyone of
you was when i couldn't tell you. when i promised not to
say something to anyone, that's when i've hidden things.
the rest of the time, i'm keeping it to myself.

look, it's not that i don't want to talk to you, to tell
any of you what's going on. it's that i don't need to.
when i need to talk, i will. i may not right away, but i
will. when you have the time and if you are the person i
need to talk to, i will. i can promise you that. and i'm
not saying when you have the time in a bad way, i mean if
you have nothing to do for awhile, then you have the time.

please, no one take offense to this. i can't deal with the
crap i have been put through lately. i won't put up with
the crap that anyone gives me about this. that's final.
if you take offense to this or decide to respond in a
negative way, screw you. you don't understand me anyways.

final thought: whatever